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Lapidary, Wellness & Transformation

Meraki Wagon is a studio where beautiful handcrafted cabochons and lapidary artwork are made

At our studio, we cut slabs from roughs, preform, shape, and polish cabochons. Some cabochons are often larger than what seems to be standard sizes off a template. We make efforts in selecting unique patterns and to include as much gem quality minerals as possible in our cabochons.

Cabochon Ornament

Retro vintage style cabochon ornaments are handcrafted using sterling silver at the studio. Our crafts are made for hobbyists, rock and mineral enthusiasts, people who collect or talk about rocks, and everyone who has interests in lapidary works.

Natural Gem Quality Cabochon

Every crafted cabochon or gem slab is selected form natural rough materials and carefully cut, preformed, shaped and polished. The roughs come in a variety of colors, present unique hues and patterns, and contain a wide range of minerals. All crafted pieces are unique from one another and each piece is special in its mineral contents. In addition to birthstones, there are advantages and benefits to keep close various natural minerals. They are stylish and genuine. These natural materials were formed a long time ago. Some cabochons, such as petrified wood may be somewhere between 20 million to 300 million years old.

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