Cab C10


An amazing medium size cabochon presents a picture of a landscape for those who see it.   This cabochon contains shads of light brown, gray and orange-red colors.   It is opaque not allowing light to pass through it.   Look closely and you may see a mountain range and a desert passageway in this cabochon.   Use it for your next project or keep it in a display case for showing.   Add this pictorial cabochon to your collection today.

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Gemstone Type:  Natural Stone

  • Size:  Medium
  • Shape:  Oval
  • Approximate Dimensions:    31 mm x 40 mm
  • Approximate Thickness:   8 mm
  • Color:  Natural Non-Enhanced
  • Carat:  82.5 ct
  • Weight:  16.5 g
  • Group:  Semi-Precious
  • Optic Property:  Opaque
  • Fabricated Individually
  • Made in the USA


Note: There may be a slight difference in actual color due to the light reflection from photo taking.

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Cab C10

Availability: 1 in stock