Cab C17


An amazing large size cabochon presents shades of blue and green colors.   This cabochon is opaque not allowing light to pass through it.   The colors of this piece are rare, and the patterns of this cabochon are unique.    The vivid colors of blue and green make the piece highly desirable for use in a jewelry project.   It is truly an elegant piece to keep.   Great to use this cabochon for your next project or display it in a showcase for viewing.   Add this beautiful cabochon to your collection today.

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Gemstone Type:  Natural Stone

  • Size:  Large
  • Shape:  Oval
  • Approximate Dimensions:    30 mm x 47 mm
  • Approximate Thickness:   6.7 mm
  • Color:  Natural Non-Enhanced
  • Carat:  78.5 ct
  • Weight:  15.7 g
  • Group:  Semi-Precious
  • Optic Property:  Opaque
  • Fabricated Individually
  • Made in the USA


Note: There may be a slight difference in actual color due to the light reflection from photo taking.

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Cab C17

Availability: 1 in stock