Pack of Three Cabochons


A pack of three polished cabochons of various sizes are offered for craft making and cabochon enthusiasts.  Whether you collect cabochons or use cabochons for a creative project, the assorted pack is right for you.  Each cabochon was prepared a girdle line which is essential for setting the cabochon elegantly in a jewelry piece.   The cabochons come in a variety of colors.   They are unique pieces selected to give a variety of choices for your project.   We offer good quality cabochons since some rough materials are not worth cutting for jewelry and craft making.   They are good for fabricating personal wearable or keep in a display case for showing.   Add these beautiful cabochons to your collection today.

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Assorted Cabochons:  Pack of Three Cabochons

  • Gemstone Type:  Natural Stone
  • Size:  Various Sizes
  • Shape:  Mostly Oval
  • Color:  Natural Non-Enhanced
  • Approximate Carat:  100.0 ct
  • Approximate Weight:  20.0 g
  • Group:  Semi-Precious
  • Optic Property:  Opaque, Partially Translucent, Translucent
  • Fabricated Individually
  • Made in the USA


Note:  The actual carat and weight for our assorted pack of three cabochons are approximately 100.0 ct / 20.0 g in total .  There may be a slight difference in actual carat and weight due to the device used to take these measurements.

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Availability: 7 in stock