Slab S6


A lightly polished slab having wood grain textures is available for your project.   This slab presents an orange-red color with mixture of some scattered burgundy, yellow and pale orange colors.   This slab is opaque not allowing light to pass through it.   It is a rare and amazing specimen to keep in your display case for showing.   Add this beautiful slab to your collection today.

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Slab Type:  Natural Stone

  • Size:  Small
  • Shape:  Irregular
  • Front Surface:  Semi-Polished
  • Color:  Natural Non-Enhanced
  • Approximate Dimension:  3.5″ x 2.75″ x 0.24″
  • Approximate Weight:  87.0 g
  • Group:  Semi-Precious
  • Optic Property:  Opaque
  • Fabricated Individually
  • Made in the USA


Note:  The approximate dimensions are measured from one edge to the opposite edge of the slab.  There may be a slight difference in measured weight due to the device used to take these measurements.

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Slab S6

Availability: 1 in stock