Slab S8


A beautiful slab with shades of green colors is available for your project.   This slab is partially transparent allowing some light to pass through it.   This piece is elegant for keeping.  It presents eye catching green colors and some scattered small crystals in shallow pockets.   Good to display in a showcase for viewing as it is.   This slab is large enough to cut into a few smaller pieces for a craft project.  Hold this piece up to a light source, light will pass through upper half of the piece.   Add this gem quality slab to your collection today.

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Slab Type:  Natural Stone

  • Size:  Small
  • Shape:  Irregular
  • Front Surface:  Semi-Polished
  • Color:  Natural Non-Enhanced
  • Approximate Dimension:  7.0″ x 1.25″ x 0.24″
  • Approximate Weight:  80.0 g
  • Group:  Semi-Precious
  • Optic Property:  Partially Transparent
  • Fabricated Individually
  • Made in the USA


Note:  The approximate dimensions are measured from one edge to the opposite edge of the slab.  There may be a slight difference in measured weight due to the device used to take these measurements.

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Slab S8

Availability: 1 in stock